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Products: Broadband UV-NIR Neutral Density Filters

Broadband UV-NIR Neutral Density Filters image

Our broadband UV-NIR neutral density filters deliver constant transmission from 190 nm to 1700 nm, consistent attenuation from the UV to the NIR, and superior optical performance and wavefront quality. These ND filters, which are perfect for use with broadband sources like xenon, deuterium, and tungsten halogen, are often utilized in precision optical systems, spectrometers, and medical systems.

Other manufacturers of similar products cannot match the unique broadband performance of these UV-NIR neutral density filters. By employing patented UV coating processes, we are able to offer broadband neutral density performance down to 190 nm. Our exclusive filter coatings can be deposited on custom-sized substrates for OEM applications and can also be designed for other optical density values, if required. Please contact us for additional details.

These filter coatings can be deposited on custom sized substrates for OEM. Please contact us for more details. 


Broadband UV-NIR Neutral Density Filters

Optical Density Nominal Transmission Transmission Range 0.5" Part Numbers 1.0" Part Numbers 2.0" Part Numbers
0.3 50% 47-54% FND0.3-.5D-BB FND0.3-1D-BB FND0.3-2D-BB
0.5 32% 28-35.5% FND0.5-.5D-BB FND0.5-1D-BB FND0.5-2D-BB
1.0 10% 8-12.5% FND1.0-.5D-BB FND1.0-1D-BB FND1.0-2D-BB
1.3 5.0% 4-6% FND1.3-.5D-BB FND1.3-1D-BB FND1.3-2D-BB
1.5 3.0% 2.5-4.5% FND1.5-.5D-BB FND1.5-1D-BB FND1.5-2D-BB
2.0 1.0% 0.6-0.1.6% FND2.0-.5D-BB FND2.0-1D-BB FND2.0-2D-BB
2.5 0.3% 0.24-0.36% FND2.5-.5D-BB FND2.5-1D-BB FND2.5-2D-BB


Material UV fused silica
Diameter tolerance +0.00/-0.005”
Thickness tolerance +/-0.25mm
Surface quality <2 waves @ 633nm both sides
Parallelism 3 arc min
Scratch/Dig 20-10
Chamfer 0.5mm x 45 degrees
Clear aperture Central 90% min.
Angle of incidence Normal
Coating Hybrid metallic
OD tolerance +/- 10%
Range 190 - 1700nm


  • Unique broadband ND performance from 190 nm to 1700 nm
  • Various standard densities available from 0.3 OD to 2.5 OD
  • Excellent optical transmitted quality of 1/10 wave
  • Can be stacked to create additional or deeper densities
  • Custom sizes and densities available