Products: Broadband AR Coated Windows

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UV broadband anti-reflection coatings are durable electron-beam–deposited dielectrics designed to minimize reflections that normally occur with uncoated surfaces. 

These low-absorption coatings are ideal for increasing the transmittance properties of lenses and for reducing second-surface reflections of beamsplitters. They offer high resistance to laser damage, making them suitable for high-energy laser usage. Below is just a sample of the coatings and coated windows that we supply. We also offer V-type anti-reflection coatings.

Note:  Coatings can be applied to customer-supplied material (CSM) or provided on our substrates and lenses. Reflectance of uncoated fused silica is 4.8% per surface at 193 nm and 4.1% per surface at 248 nm. Contact us at to request a custom coating.




UV Laser - Broadband Anti-Reflection Coatings

Wavelength % Reflectance N.I.
355-532-1064nm ≤ 0.5% per wavelength
400-800nm ≤ 0.5% average


broadband AR coatings  
400-800 nm broadband anti-reflection coating