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Products: Dual-Wavelength Laser Mirrors

Dual-Wavelength Laser Mirrors image

Specially designed multilayer dielectric coatings, electron beam deposited onto laser-grade substrates, enable maximum reflectance of high-energy excimer and UV laser wavelengths plus >50% reflectance at a specific visible laser wavelength from the same mirror.  

Standard mirrors are designed as Nd:YAG laser harmonic and excimer/HeNe laser reflectors. These mirrors permit dual-wavelength reflection for laser harmonic generation and excimer alignment applications. Acton has standard 45° mirrors for 248nm, 308nm, and 353nm excimer wavelengths, as well as 266 nm (as listed below).

Note: Other UV and visible laser wavelengths and angles of incidence are available on request. Contact us at [email protected] for more details.



Dual Wavelength UV/Excimer Laser Mirrors

Wavelength Angle of Incidence 248nm
% R
% R
1.0" Part Numbers 2.0" Part Numbers
248/633nm @ Near Normal Incidence ≥ 97% ≥ 80% M248/633-FR-1D-MB M248/633-FR-2D-MB
248/633nm @ 45° AOI ≥ 97% ≥ 80% M248/633-FR45-1D-MB M248/633-FR45-2D-MB
266/633nm @ Near Normal Incidence ≥ 97% ≥ 80% M266/532-FR-1D-MB M266/532-FR-2D-MB
266/532nm @ 45° AOI ≥ 97% ≥ 80% M266/532-FR45-1D-MB M266/532-FR45-2D-MB
308/633nm @ Near Normal Incidence ≥ 97% ≥ 80% M308/303-FR-1D-MB M308/633-FR-2D-MB
308/633nm @ 45° AOI ≥ 97% ≥ 80% M308/633-FR45-1D-MB M308/633-FR45-2D-MB
353/633nm @ Near Normal Incidence ≥ 98% ≥ 80% M353/633-FR-1D-MB M353/633-FR-2D-MB
353/633nm @ 45° AOI ≥ 98% ≥ 80% M353/633-FR45-1D-MB M353/633-FR45-2D-MB

NOTE: Coatings can be applied to Acton standard substrates, custom substrates and customer supplied material (CSM). Please contact Acton Optics & Coatings for details at [email protected].

Acton Optics & Coatings: 248-633nm - Full Reflector @ 15%
Acton Optics & Coatings: 248-633nm - Full Reflector @ 45%