Products: Enhanced Broadband MLD Mirrors

Enhanced Broadband MLD Mirrors image

Acton's  #1900 enhanced, high efficiency coatings have increased reflectance over the critical range of 190 nm - 250 nm with enhanced durability.

These coatings resist humidity and can be easily cleaned by a simple drag-and-drop method. Each coating lot is measured for reflectance properties to ensure the excellent performance of every mirror supplied.

Applications:  DUV spectrophotometers, ellipsometers, VUV/UV-based analytical instrumentation, ICP spectrometers, aerospace applications

Note: Coatings can be applied to Acton standard substrates, custom substrates, and customer-supplied material (CSM). Contact us at for details.


Enhanced Broadband MLD Coated Mirrors

Wavelength Coverage Avg. %R @ N.I. 0.5" dia. 1.0" dia. 1.5" dia. 2.0" dia.
92-94% M190-AL/MLD-.5D-MB M190-AL/MLD-1D-MB M190-AL/MLD-1.5D-MB M190-AL/MLD-2D-MB