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Products: VUV/UV Notch - Reflective Filters

VUV/UV Notch - Reflective Filters image


Multilayer reflective filters are all-dielectric reflectors that offer high reflectance at specific VUV through UV wavelengths while transmitting longer-wavelength UV-to-IR light. Filters are designed for 45 degree AOI.

Custom UV filters for peak wavelengths >250 nm are available with DUV-VUV transmittance below ~210 nm.

Note: Coatings can be applied to Acton standard substrates, custom substrates, and customer-supplied material (CSM). Contact us at [email protected] for more details.




VUV/UV Reflective Filters - 45° AOI on Acton Standard Filter Substrates

Wavelength Peak Reflectance 1.0” Part Numbers 1.5” Part Numbers 2.0” Part Numbers
126nm ≥ 40% M126-3045-1D M126-3045-1.5D M126-3045-2D
146nm ≥ 45% M146-3045-1D M146-3045-1.5D M146-3045-2D
157nm ≥ 82% M157-3045-1D M157-3045-1.5D M157-3045-2D
172nm ≥ 82% M172-3045-1D M172-3045-1.5D M172-3045-2D
185nm ≥ 82% M185-3045-1D M185-3045-1.5D M185-3045-2D
193nm ≥ 82% M193-3045-1D M193-3045-1.5D M193-3045-2D
200nm ≥ 90% M200-3045-1D M200-3045-1.5D M200-3045-2D
208nm ≥ 90% M208-3045-1D M208-3045-1.5D M208-3045-2D
212nm ≥ 90% M212-3045-1D M212-3045-1.5D M212-3045-2D
220nm ≥ 90% M220-3045-1D M220-3045-1.5D M220-3045-2D
240nm ≥ 90% M240-3045-1D M240-3045-1.5D M240-3045-2D
248nm ≥ 90% M248-3045-1D M248-3045-1.5D M248-3045-2D
254nm ≥ 90% M254-3045-1D M254-3045-1.5D M254-3045-2D
260nm ≥ 90% M260-3045-1D M260-3045-1.5D M260-3045-2D
266nm ≥ 90% M266-3045-1D M266-3045-1.5D M266-3045-2D
280nm ≥ 90% M280-3045-1D M280-3045-1.5D M280-3045-2D
300nm ≥ 90% M300-3045-1D M300-3045-1.5D M300-3045-2D
320nm ≥ 90% M320-3045-1D M320-3045-1.5D M320-3045-2D
340nm ≥ 90% M340-3045-1D M340-3045-1.5D M340-3045-2D
352nm ≥ 90% M352-3045-1D M352-3045-1.5D M352-3045-2D
360nm ≥ 90% M360-3045-1D M360-3045-1.5D M360-3045-2D

NOTE: Substrate material for filters below 175nm is CaF2 and Fused Silica above 175nm


Typical sample coating performance curve shown.  Specific design curves including reflectivity and transmission performance available upon request.