Products: UV Narrowband AR-Coated Windows

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Acton’s narrowband anti-reflection coatings are durable, electron-beam–deposited dielectrics designed to minimize reflections that normally occur from uncoated surfaces of substrates. These low-absorption coatings are ideal for increasing the transmittance properties of lenses and for reducing the second-surface reflections of beamsplitters. Anti-reflection coatings offer excellent resistance to laser damage and are suitable for high-power use.

Standard “V-type” anti-reflection coating designs are available for specific wavelengths from 126 nm to 353 nm.

Note: Part numbers are provided for Acton standard stock substrates. Custom coatings, coatings for 45° AOI, and other wavelengths are also available. Contact us at for more details.


Excimer Laser - Narrowband Anti-Reflection Coated Windows

Wavelength 1" Part Number 2” Part Number % Reflectance N.I.
126nm M126-2AR-1D-FL M126-2AR-2D-FL ≤ 0.5% @ 126nm
147nm M147-2AR-1D-FL M147-2AR-2D-FL ≤ 0.5% @ 147nm
157nm M157-2AR-1D-FL M157-2AR-2D-FL ≤ 0.5% @ 157nm
172nm M172-2AR-1D-FL M172-2AR-2D-FL ≤ 0.3-0.5% @ 172nm
193nm M193-2AR-1D-FL M193-2AR-2D-FL ≤ 0.3-0.5% @193nm
248nm M248-2AR-1D-FL M248-2AR-2D-FL ≤ 0.2-0.5% @248nm
308nm M308-2AR-1D-FL M308-2AR-2D-FL ≤ 0.2-0.5% @308nm
353nm M353-2AR-1D-FL M353-2AR-2D-FL ≤ 0.2-0.5% @353nm


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