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OEM Markets

Acton Research optics and coatings have been the standard in high performance ultraviolet (UV) optics since 1961. Acton Optics & Coatings continues the tradition providing the highest performing optical components and optical subassemblies available to a diverse array of industries, including the medical, semiconductor, materials processing, analytic instrumentation, aerospace and defense markets.

As technology evolves and advances, so does the demand for high-performance optics and coatings. Acton Optics & Coatings is dedicated to continuous improvement of our products and processes to meet the demands of emerging applications. We are engineering is focused on providing the highest performance optical components and optical sub-assemblies for a wide array of existing emerging markets. A few examples follow

Laser-based medical applications such as LASIK eye surgery, skin resurfacing and skin treatments, and angioplasty all benefit from Acton Optics' unique beam shaping and steering capabilities.
Advanced metrology instruments and microlithography tools use precisely controlled and tested Acton Optics for repeatable long life operation. We continuously provide new breakthroughs to our customers at key wavelengths including 157nm, 193nm and 248nm.
materials processing
Material Processing
Laser micromachining benefits from the high performance long-life coatings developed at Acton. Primarily used for beam shaping and delivery, material processing optics withstand high fluences and repetition rates for the trouble-free operation of lasers performing ablation and marking.
analytic instrumentation
Analytic Instrumentation
Spectroscopy applications such as environmental monitoring benefit from the precise bandpass coatings which enable the specific identification of pollutants in our environment. Acton coatings have applications in ICP/MS and many other VUV-UV spectroscopy applications.
aerospace & defense
Aerospace and Defense
Acton VUV-NIR mirrors and VUV-UV optical filters are frequently utilized in space telescopes to discriminate energy in UV spectroscopic exploration of the solar system.Broadband mirror coatings used in tank head mirrors and other applications benefit from Acton's proprietary protected silver coatings.  Other applications include durable protected silver for targeting and surveillance applications.


Acton Optics | OEM Markets
Acton Optics & Coatings provides world-class optics and sub-assemblies to a wide variety of manufacturers in numerous markets.