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Products: Al+MgF2 Broadband Mirrors

Al+MgF2 Broadband Mirrors image

For more than four decades, Acton Al+MgF2 high-efficiency coatings have set the standard for broadband UV and VUV reflectance. These coatings are designed to offer industry-leading reflectance down to 120 nm, with excellent broadband reflectance throughout the visible and near-infrared ranges.

The available coatings are optimized for reflectance at 120 nm, 160 nm, and 190 nm for increased light throughput in your application. Each coating lot is measured for reflectance properties to ensure the excellent performance of every mirror supplied.

Applications: DUV spectrophotometers, ellipsometry, VUV/UV-based analytical instrumentation, ICP spectrometers, aerospace applications

Note: Coatings can be applied to Acton standard substrates, custom substrates and customer supplied material (CSM). Contact us at [email protected] for details.


Standard Broadband Mirrors

Coating Number Series Peak Wavelength Reflectance @ 15°
#1200 120nm ≥ 78%
#1600 160nm ≥ 84%
#1900 190nm ≥ 87%


Peak Wavelength Avg. %R (peak λ to 600nm) 0.5" Part Number 1.0" Part Number 1.5" Part Number 1.0" Part Number
120nm 85% H1200-.5D-MB H1200-1D-MB H1200-1.5D-MB H1200-2D-MB
160nm 87% H1600-.5D-MB H1600-1D-MB H1600-1.5D-MB H1600-2D-MB
190nm 87% H1900-.5D-MB H1900-1D-MB H1900-1.5D-MB H1900-2D-MB


See Standard Mirror Blank page for details on substrate materials and thickness.



#1200 cooating
#1600 coating
#1900 coating