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Products: Dichroic Mirrors

Dichroic Mirrors image
UV/VIS Dichroic Mirrors

UV/VIS dichroic mirrors have special multilayer dielectric coatings that enable reflectance of a primary UV laser wavelength with good broadband VIS/NIR transmittance. Dichroic mirrors are typically used for beam combining or beam separation. The standard dichroic mirrors listed below have UV laser-grade fused silica substrates and are optimized for use at 45°, with other angles available on request. Other UV-reflecting wavelengths from 145 nm to approximately 355 nm are also available.

UV/IR Dichroic Mirrors
UV/IR dichroic mirrors are designed to reflect a UV laser wavelength while transmitting wavelengths into the infrared. These coatings are specially modified multilayer dielectric designs, electron beam deposited onto high-quality CaF2 substrates. Our UV/IR dichroic mirrors reflect a UV wavelength specified below with usable transmittance out to approximately 8 µm.
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UV/VIS Dichroic Mirrors - Standard Fused Silica Mirror Blanks

UV Wavelength 45 Reflectance 1.0" dia. (25.4mm) 1.5" dia. (38.1mm) 2.0" dia (50.8mm)
193nm ≥ 94% 193/V-FR45-1D-MB 193/V-FR45-1.5D-MB 193/V-FR45-2D-MB
212nm ≥ 95% 212/V-FR45-1D-MB 212/V-FR45-1.5D-MB 212/V-FR45-2D-MB
248nm ≥ 96% 248/V-FR45-1D-MB 248/V-FR45-1.5D-MB 248/V-FR45-2D-MB
266nm ≥ 96% 266/V-FR45-1D-MB 266/V-FR45-1.5D-MB 266/V-FR45-2D-MB
308nm ≥ 96% 308/V-FR45-1D-MB 308/V-FR45-1.5D-MB 308/V-FR45-2D-MB
353nm ≥ 98% 353/V-FR45-1D-MB 353/V-FR45-1.5D-MB 353/V-FR45-2D-MB


UV/IR Dichroic Mirrors - CaF2 Substrates

UV Wavelength 45 Reflectance 1.0" dia. (25.4mm) 1.5" dia. (38.1mm) 2.0" dia (50.8mm)
193nm ≥ 94% 193/IR-FR45-1D-FLC 193/IR-FR45-1.5D-FLC 193/IR-FR45-2D-FLC
212nm ≥ 95% 212/IR-FR45-1D-FLC 212/IR-FR45-1.5D-FLC 212/IR-FR45-2D-FLC
248nm ≥ 96% 248/IR-FR45-1D-FLC 248/IR-FR45-1.5D-FLC 248/IR-FR45-2D-FLC
266nm ≥ 96% 266/IR-FR45-1D-FLC 266/IR-FR45-1.5D-FLC 266/IR-FR45-2D-FLC
308nm ≥ 96% 308/IR-FR45-1D-FLC 308/IR-FR45-1.5D-FLC 308/IR-FR45-2D-FLC
353nm ≥ 98% 353/IR-FR45-1D-FLC 353/IR-FR45-1.5D-FLC 353/IR-FR45-2D-FLC


NOTE: Specific design curves available on request.248/V-FR45 Dichroic Mirror

32/IR-FR45 dichroic mirror