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Products: Solar Blind Filters

Solar Blind Filters image

Originally designed for the U.S. space program, these unique “very broadband” UV and VUV filters are useful for isolating broad bands of UV or UV-VUV radiation. Our very broadband (VBB) filters offer broadband transmittance properties, averaging 10–20% over the bands specified.

Rejection is approximately 5x10-3  at 500 nm. Care must be taken to avoid contact with the coated surface of this open-faced design, as absorption of the substrate at wavelengths near 120 nm typically prohibits covering and edge sealing. Model 170-VBB is manufactured open-faced but can be supplied covered and edge sealed to protect the coated surface.

Model 120-VBB: Average transmission 10-20% from 120 nm - 250 nm
Model 170-VBB: Average transmission 10-20% from 170 nm - 300 nm

Note: Coatings can be applied to Acton standard substrates, custom substrates, and customer-supplied material (CSM). Contact us at [email protected] for more details.


Solar Blind Filters on Acton Standard Filter Substrates

Wavelength Range Average Transmission 0.5" Part Numbers 1.0" Part Numbers 2.0" Part Numbers
120-250nm 10-20% FB120-VBB-0.5D FB120-VBB-1D FB120-VBB-2D
170-300nm 10-20% FB170-VBB-0.5D FB170-VBB-1D FB170-VBB-2D

NOTE: Substrate material for part number FB120-VBB, UV-Grade MgF2 and Fused Silica for FB170-VBB

120 VBB solar blind filter
170-VBB Solar Blind Filters