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Products: VUV/UV Laser Beamsplitters

VUV/UV Laser Beamsplitters image

These multilayer, dielectric, low-absorption coatings are ideal for laser output couplers and beam-splitting applications. Beamsplitters of all wavelength ranges from 126 nm to 353 nm are calibrated for reflectance and transmittance at the laser wavelength and angle of incidence specified to ensure excellent performance in high-power laser applications. Standard beamsplitters are designed for random polarization.

Acton Optics & Coatings can custom-design beamsplitters for your application by optimizing for horizontal “P” polarization or vertical “S” polarization and other requirements. If required, anti-reflection coatings are available for the rear surface of beamsplitters. Coatings are available on Acton’s standard substrates. 

Note: Coatings can be applied to Acton standard mirror blanks, custom substrates, and customer-supplied material (CSM). Contact us at [email protected] for more details.


VUV/UV Laser Beamsplitters

Wavelength 10% +/-2% 30% +/-5% 50% +/-5% 70% +/-5% 90% +/-5%
126nm M126-P1045 M126-P3045 M126-P5045 M126-P7045 M126-P9045
147nm M147-P1045 M147-P3045 M147-P5045 M147-P7045 M147-P9045
157nm M157-P1045 M157-P3045 M157-P5045 M157-P7045 M57-P9045
172nm M172-P1045 M172-P3045 M172-P5045 M172-P7045 M172-P9045
193nm M193-P1045 M193-P3045 M193-P5045 M193-P7045 M93-P9045
248nm M248-P1045 M248-P3045 M248-P5045 M248-P7045 M248-P9045
266nm M266-P1045 M266-P3045 M266-P5045 M266-P7045 M266-P9045
308nm M308-P1045 M308-P3045 M308-P5045 M308-P7045 M308-P9045
353nm M353-P1045 M353-P3045 M353-P5045 M353-P7045 M353-P9045

NOTE:  Beamsplitter Coating Part Numbers (Based on % Transmission)

For Complete Beamsplitter:
Coating Part # + Substrate Part # =
Complete Beamsplitter

For example:
To order a 308nm, 45° beamsplitter with 30% transmittance on a 1.0” flat UV grade fused silica substrate:
Part # M308-P3045-1D-MB

Coatings for rear surface use must be specified by adding ‘-S2’ to coating part numbers.

Part numbers listed above are for 45° angle of incidence coating only. If normal incidence coatings are required, delete the ‘45’ from the coating part number.

Ex: Part # M193-P1045 would be Part # M193-P10.

Generally, laser grade UV fused silica substrates are recommended for beamsplitters above 170nm.

Beamsplitter coatings can be applied to customer supplied material.


193 nm UV beamsplitter